1.The freeze drid tubifex worm is made of high quality tubifex worm alive. By advance FD technology with high vacuum and longtime heat process to wipe off water, moreover,virus is killed after FD production. In other words, there isn’t cross infection among the tubifex worm . Most kinds of nutrition that reserves in tubifex worm won’t lose.In addition,The racy flavor is also kept well due to FD process. Except abundant content of crude protein and crude fat, the tubifex worm also contains enough element Fe. 

2.The main kinds of fish that is fitted to feed with tubifex worm: 
Midium and small size fresh water tropical fish, tortoise,goldfish,african cichlid, betta ,guppy etc.

Nutrition analysis

  • Crude protein min [%]: 52
  • Crude fat max [%]: 12
  • Crude fiber min [%]: 8
  • Crude ash max [%]: 10
  • Moisture max [%]: 9
  • Item No: R9
  • Pack weight [g]: 80