1.The shrimp grows in field swampland, to ensure fresh flavor, we collect good quality river shrimps alive to deepfreeze and freeze dried them. It’s because the color and flavor of river shrimp will change greatly under the conditions the shrimp dies ,which makes most fish don’t like eating it. Under freeze dried treatment, the water in the shrimp body evaporates in the moment ,what’s more, the shrimp reserves all kinds of nutrition and astacin.

The shrimp contains most nutrition such as crude protein, vatamins that can accelerate the growth of fish and digestibility of foods. Moreover,The astacin in the shrimp can rapidly enhance the body color of ornamental fish.

2.The fish that are fitted to feed with river shrimp:
Arowanas, flower horn,blood parrot,drawf cichlids etc.

Nutrition analysis

  • Crude protein min [%]: 55
  • Crude fat max [%]: 4
  • Crude fiber min [%]: 12
  • Crude ash max [%]: 10
  • Moisture max [%]: 9
  • Item No: F1
  • Pack weight [g]: 20
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