1.100% natural high quality brine shrimp(artemia), which was taken from inshore salt fields. After special washing and test, the foreign substance and needless organisms were taken out from every brine shrimp to assure the cleanness of brine shrimp. After the above process, brine shrimp was deeply frozen and freeze dried to keep racy flavor and nutrition.

The FD brine shrimp contains abundant natural carotene which can fleetly enhance the body color of ornamental fish.

When marine fish, middle and small size fresh water fish are fed with brine shrimp, as high level sea salt that in brine shrimp body which can get rid of most bacterias in alimentary canal of the fish.

2.The main kinds of fish that is suitable for feeding with brine shrimp are as follow:.

Discus , mini-type fish,guppy,marine fish.

Nutrition analysis

  • Crude protein min [%]: 40
  • Crude fat max [%]: 5
  • Crude fiber min [%]: 5
  • Crude ash max [%]: 10
  • Moisture max [%]: 9
  • Item No: R7
  • Pack weight [g]: 60
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