1.100% natural high quality blood worm, by the advanced technology-freeze dried (wipe off the water under high vacuum), the finished products can keep the racy flavor, element Fe and the Vitamin contents the same as that in the fresh body.The FD products are easy to save, the validity period is 2-3 years.Regarding the sanitation, the product is better than fresh bloodworm because virus is killed after FD process. In other words, there isn’t cross infection among the blood worm.

The bloodworm contains most nutrition such as crude protein, vitamins that can accelerate the growth of fish and digestibility of foods. Moreover,The natural astacin in the bloodworm can rapidly enhance the body color of ornamental fish.

As the additive and preservative doesn’t exist in our products, it can’t pollute the aquarium water. It is easy to be absorbed by the fish.

2.Almost all fishes including small and medium size fresh water and marine fish that like eating bloodworm are as follow:

Cichlids ,Discus ,red-parrot,goldfish,lava of medium size freshwater fish and marine fish.

Nutrition analysis

  • Crude protein min [%]: 52
  • Crude fat max [%]: 2
  • Crude fiber min [%]: 6
  • Crude ash max [%]: 10
  • Moisture max [%]: 10
  • Item No: A4
  • Pack weight [g]: 45
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