1.According to the food intake character of discus,small size fish and marine fish,We formulated flake food which comprises abundant vitamin,minerals , spirulina and color enhancing matter.The effect of color enhancing can be obviously found within 2-3 weeks.

It’s very puffed and easy to be digested by the fish,moreover, It contains abundant matter that against many digestive diseases so that it can improve the adaptability of your fish when eating.

2.The flake is adaptive to feeding freshwater fish such as discus ,red-parrot ,drawf cichlids,guppy,betta as well as marine fish.

Nutrition analysis

  • Crude protein min [%]: 40
  • Crude fat max [%]: 7
  • Crude fiber min [%]: 5
  • Crude ash max [%]: 10
  • Moisture max [%]: 10
  • Item No: RE10
  • Pack weight [g]: 75