TUNZE® Aquarientechnik GmbH is one of the strongest and best-known trademarks of aquarium technology which establishment in 1960 and TUNZE® has been focussing on providing its customers with high-quality products and thus a unique aquarium experience.They believe,A vision statement is an expression of the corporate philosophy and goals of a company. Based on such a vision, state-of-the-art, excellent quality and design pumps were developed from the existing Turbelle® pumps.

About her future,said —- “The TUNZE® design language is not only reflected by the shape and appearance of a product, but also by the superior performance compared to typical market components. We keep focussing on opening new horizons and, calling everything into question in order to ensure that our technology meets the current requirements, in terms of as regards aquarium ecology in terms of electrical engineering.”

In 2015, TUNZE® Aquarientechnik GmbH and Beijing New Rainbow established a strategical cooperation to make latter as “TUNZE China” providing agency and after service in China.

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CROCI s.p.a. , Started out as a distributor of high-quality products for pets back in 1990 in Varese. The company later gained success in Italy and abroad when it developed its own branded products for aquariums, with the Wave trademark, and for dogs with the CaniAmici trademark.

By constantly investing in research, being persistently innovative and listening to what clients and end customers really want, over the years Croci Spa has become a market leader and accomplished an important milestone in 2010: quality certification for its design, development, production and commerce of products for pets in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

CROCI s.p.a. offers its customers an extensive product range with more than 6.300 items in the catalogue. In addition to the core business of aquariology (Wave and Amtra) and canine products (CaniAmici), Croci Spa also produces a wide-ranging selection for birds, reptiles and rodents. Since 2010 we started the launching of pet products under licence of Warner Bros and Walt Disney. Furthermore, croci is also producer and distributor of products branded Hello Kitty.

CROCI s.p.a. is a forward-thinking business that aims to consolidate its position in the market and become the international go-to company for whatever you need for your aquariums and pets.

In 2015, CROCI s.p.a. and Beijing New Rainbow established a strategical cooperation to make latter as “CROCI China” providing agency and after service in China.




the company was founded in 1977,known for its high quality of products.Proven effectiveness of company’s activity are Tropical’s distinctive features, recognised and appreciated all around the globe. Tropical keeps widening its offer, which at the moment is comprised of around 700 stock-keeping units.

Tropical formulas are based on many years experience and knowledge. That is why Tropical products are known around the world for their high quality and proven effectiveness. But what really makes them unique is the passion the company puts into developing all of them. At the turn of 2009 and 2010 a new production line was completed. As a result of the project, one of the most modern extrusion lines for manufacturing granules, pellets and sticks, characterized with rare parameters, came into existence. Foods are manufactured through HTST (High Temperature/Short Time) technology. Restrictive norms are obeyed at all production stages, which can be proved with ISO and HACCP certificates.

Tropical foods are widely used and recommended by world-famous aquarists and fish enthusiasts. At present they are exported to 70 different countries around the globe, enjoying a fine reputation in countries known for a great number of fish lovers such as Germany, Poland and Italy. They are being bought by clients from the Middle East, Asia and South America more often with every day.


Tetra is world famous company for its extraordinary quality.

New Rainbow cooperated with Tetra Japan for nearly a decade in freeze-dried products suppling. The OEM cooperation is a milestone to New Rainbow improving its service standard in this field.