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RAINONE(瑞可旺) is high-end brand of freeze-dried series foods, including freeze-drid shrimp, tubifex, bloodworm, brine shrimp, krill, mysis etc. This brand is extremely pop in South-East Asia, Middle-East and is one of strategically important core products.

AQUAONE(爱可旺) is another high-end brand of freeze-dried bloodworm also is another strategically important core product. It’s well known for its blue can and called “the blue cans” of Beijing New Rainbow.

RAINBOWFISH(彩鱼王) is a middle-end brand of freeze-dried series foods, competitive price but good quality products for customers.

RAINBOWFISH RED(彩鱼红) is the main brand of compound foods, the full line contains foods for koi fish, mini type fish, parrot, turtles, silver arrowana etc. Since it contains spirulina / astacin, the foods perform well in color enhancing.



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  • Amazon China
  • Jingdong:one of the biggest online shopping mall in China.
  • Taobao:one of the biggest online shopping mall in China.
  • other online shopping mall: aquarium forum, aquarium online shop etc.

Headquarter and sale center locates in Beijing, one aquarium store in Tianjin,another in Guangzhou. Five major wholesalers in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xi’an, Hongkong, all of which build a strong organic geographical interconnection in China. Meanwhile more than 100 store wholesalers across China and their loyalty are the strongest support to this company.